Tutorial videos, posts, and instructions on using finance data in SuperSet

4. Stock Price Vs Earnings Per Share (EPS)

In this video we will create a top down chart of all publicly available stocks in the Tesseract Analytics database and plot them against each other by their last stock price, and earnings per share (EPS) to find a relationship between how company stocks are prices, and their profitability.

3. Analyzing Meta

In this video tutorial we will briefly analyze META, previously known as Facebook. We will create different charts looking at stock price, market capitalization, net income, revenue, cash flows, assets and liabilities.

2. Company Lookup & Data Validation

In this video we will learn how to create a list of all the companies available in the Tesseract Analytics Apache SuperSet dataset, how to filter and search for the company that we are interested in. Then how to find if there is more than one stock symbol associated with that company, how to plot the stock prices of those symbols, and EPS (Earnings Per Share). Then we will validate that data against SEC Edgar reports to data quality validation.


As the first blog post, I would first highly recommend going through the Apache SuperSet tutorials on YouTube and learning how to use the tool.

You will also learn how to use the tool through our tutorials, but they are more focused on understanding the data rather than using Apache SuperSet.