Financial Data Visual Exploration

Visually analyze and explore financial data using our compressed columnar database.

We currently have financial statements downloaded from Edgar SEC for over 5000 companies, joined to their stock symbols with stock prices.

The data is optimized for analytics, company comparison, sector analysis, historical performance, and in-depth financial analysis.


  • Net Income
  • Cash Flows (Operating, Investing, Financing)
  • Price per Earnings Per Share
  • Yield (Net Income/Market Cap)
  • Dividends
  • Assets, Liabilities, Long Term/Short Term Debt
  • Revenues
  • Market Capitalization
  • Intangible Assets
  • Volume (Shares)
  • Stock Price
  • Share Outstanding
  • + More


  • Market Sector/Industry Type
  • Company Central Index Key (Edgar) and Stock Symbol
  • Company Size Grouping (Market Capitalization)
  • Country/Region of Incorporation for US domestic vs multi-national analysis
  • Company Name
  • SEC Seasoned Issuer
  • Is in S&P 500
  • + More

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Our data is updated nightly for previous day’s analysis.

You can build charts and dashboards to find relationships, analyze companies, and gather insights.

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